Not every day is the same!

There are so many things that happen in our lives, some of these things are good, some bad, some are jaw dropping and then there are those moments that are eye opening and inspiring.

I am a single mom of four wonderful children, each day poses a new challenge and no day is the same. There are many rough days and those days where I wonder how I made it through…but then there are those moments, precious moments that inspire me to look at things from a new perspective, or to see the world through my child’s eyes, and then there are those moments that happen where you are just speechless…

These are the moments that I do not want to forget, ones I want to cherish always. Through my busy days it is easy to forget some of these times in my life and so on the advice of a few people I decided to write down these moments and now share them with you.

Maybe one of my stories will make you look at the world we live in a little differently, maybe you will be inspired, and if nothing else..maybe…just maybe you will end these short stories I have shared with you and smile.